Chunity : ChucK for Unity

version: 1.4.x.x (numchucks)

(up): chuck

Chunity is a plugin for using the ChucK programming language inside the Unity game engine.

It was originally described in a 2018 NIME paper:

Jack Atherton and Ge Wang. Chunity: Integrated Audiovisual Programming in Unity. Proceedings of the 2018 Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2018.

Tutorials and Documentation

You may wish to follow several tutorials to download and get your feet wet with using Chunity. You can also look through the default scene in the Asset Store download to see more examples of how to use this plugin. You can also look through the documentation.

Example Works

Chunity has been used in the graduate level course Music 256A / CS 476A at Stanford university. See a few examples of students' work:

(up): chuck