Base Classes

Basic classes (Object, Event, Shred, etc.) and standard libraries (Math, Machine, Std)

Basic Unit Generators

Basic unit generator (UGen) base classes, simple signal generators, envelopes, and more.

Basic Filter UGens

Basic filter unit generators.

Synthesis Toolkit (STK) UGens

Utilities and physical models from the Synthesis Toolkit (STK) by Perry R. Cook and Gary Scavone.

Advanced Unit Generators

Advanced and specialty unit generators

Chugins Library

Default chugins library offering unit generators and utilities.

Unit Analyzers

Unit analyzer (UAna) objects are specialized UGens that can perform audio analysis and pass analysis information to other UAnae. (See also: AI Tools API reference.)

AI Tools

ChucK for AI (ChAI) is a set of AI/ML tools for building interactive AI musical instruments and systems. (See also: Unit Analyzer API reference.)

Input & Output

Communication tools, including file input/output, Open Sound Control, MIDI, MIDI file reading, serial i/o.


Additional Utiilities