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ChucK-1.4.x.x is part of the NumChucKs release of ChucK - so named because ChucK has been completely refactored to facilitate embedding into other systems, and you can instantiated any number of ChucK VM's in those systems. For support, discussion, updates, or if you have anything to share with other users, join and post to one of the forums or mailing lists.

ThanK you very much; ChucK On!

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  • source (10.9 + up)
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  • source
  • dependency: libsndfile
  • ALSA, JACK, or OSS
    (you should already have one)
  • gcc, lex, yacc, make
    (you better have these)

  • miniAudicle
    (experimental integrated IDE/VM)
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(installer): (to build your own): -> start here
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