ChucK | Documentation

version: 1.4.x.x (numchucks)

Learn ChucK now
  • the ChucK Tutorial
       (includes building ChucK)
  • examples
       (grouped by category)
  • a mooc and a book on ChucK
       (learning is fun!)
  • ChucK => Unity new!!
       (audiovisual programming with Chunity!)
  • Artful Design new!!
       (the design philosophy of tools like ChucK)

  • Language Documentation
  • language specification
       (all about the language)
  • programmer's reference
       (command line refs, class libraries, more)
  • unit generators and analyzers
       (building blocks for audio processing)
  • read ChucK article | thesis
       (design, impl, applications)
  • developer's guide | chuck@github
       (guide => outdated; github => active)

  • More Stuff
  • ThanKs to...
  • publications (and more)
  • download page
  • bugs (report or request)

  • chuck | ccrma | soundlab