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About This CCRMA Documentation

CCRMA Documentation 2019-present. (For earlier documentation see overview.)

Auto-generated index and table of contents.

Email matt with additions, corrections, questions, requests, etc.

Everything lives in this git repo (for now):

The source files use the Markdown format. There are lots of great Markdown guides, tutorials, cheatsheets etc. Also the Pandoc manual has lots of great info about Markdown in general and Pandoc’s extensions to Markdown in specific.

Every .html file comes from a corresponding .md file that you can also download; for example this file generates the output README.html.

Diagram source files in formats such as Adobe Illustrator, OmniGraffle are also here.

This repo contains bash scripts to build the html or pdf with pandoc, deploy to the CCRMA webserver, and build the overall table of contents.

Here are some of the values and goals embodied in this project:

This documentation project initiated by Matt Wright in 2019.

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