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Overview of All CCRMA Documentation

In CCRMA’s decades of history there have been many efforts towards documenting our facilities on the Internet (and almost none to decommission out-of-date information).

Here are some of these layers of documentation, roughly in order from newest to oldest (though in fact their histories overlap, especially the wiki).

September 2019: A new documentation system by Matt Wright based on Markdown. You might enter this via the top level index, the global table of contents, the list of rooms at CCRMA, or perhaps the page about CCRMA user accounts. This overview page is part of the 2019 system; you can look at the file if you like (and in general replace html with md to see any page’s source). The README explains the (quite simple) implementation.

CCRMA Wiki: Community-contributed info on a wide variety of topics including the Colloquium Series, Studios, 220a and 220b, SLOrk, 250a and many MaxLab-related topics, specific compositions and performances, programming language and related technologies, the snd sound editor, at least one 220c student project, and even the CCRMA PhD students’ system for allocating desk space. You can browse the alphabetical list of all CCRMA wiki pages. The wiki has categories including CCRMA User Guide, whose content area substantially and confusingly overlaps with the non-wiki “guides” below. The wiki contains a mixture of current and outdated information; the bottom of each wiki page tells you “This page was last modified on” a certain date.

CCRMA User Guides are a portion of the current Drupal website intended to convey useful information about CCRMA’s facilities. These are eventually planned to be absorbed into the new Markdown-based system. The Room Guides currently contain a mixture of current and outdated information; Matt Wright refreshed all of the other guides (Booking Events, System Guides, and Common Areas) in 2018 to bring them up to date.

Old CCRMA Guides from before the Drupal website, implemented in raw html (or perhaps LaTeX-to-html), located at /usr/ccrma/web/html/guides. These pages were created between 1997 and 2015 but almost none of these have been updated since 2008. Perhaps the best of these is Juan Reyes’ Planet CCRMA Linux Survival Guide, full of great and almost entirely still-true information about doing everything on Linux. These often have author and copyright date at the bottom.

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