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What Is a CCRMA User Account?

A CCRMA user account is your identity as a member of the CCRMA community and provides access to a variety of computing services.

The Old Days

Once upon a time Stanford had only one computer. It was located off-campus and CCRMA began with a small group of people using this computer. Being able to use this computer meant having a login, with the following features:


Your modern “CCRMA Account” traces its technical and philosophical lineage to the logins of old. It includes:


Most of all, your having a CCRMA account represents a level of trust that CCRMA has placed in you. We expect you to be a “good citizen” as you pursue your classwork, research, and creative activities at CCRMA, including:

SUNet ID, SUID, and Keycard access

Please note that a CCRMA account is different from a Stanford-wide SUNet ID. Both are logins to computing services, the former just for CCRMA and the latter for all of the rest of Stanford.

Both of these virtual logins are different from your Stanford University ID Number (“SUID”), a unique 7-digit number identifying you at Stanford and printed on your Stanford ID Card, an actual physical rectangular plastic card with your name and photograph.

A Stanford ID card and its destroyer.

If you have a Stanford ID Card then CCRMA staff can activate it to be an electronic keycard giving you physical access to the building exterior doors and also certain inside doors.

Most CCRMA users are active Stanford students, faculty, or staff, and therefore have all of the above, but there are many exceptions. Notably, Alumni have their SUNet services shut down (e.g., losing their email and having their now-expired Stanford ID Card no longer unlock anything on campus, sadly including The Knoll) but your CCRMA account lasts forever (unless you abuse it).

Getting a CCRMA Account (and keycard access)

Most people get CCRMA accounts because they need one for a CCRMA class they are taking.

You need a faculty or staff sponsor to receive a CCRMA account.

To receive a CCRMA account you must agree to act in accordance with the Stanford Computer and Network Usage Policies.

The best way to sign up for a CCRMA account is to come physically to CCRMA (i.e., to CCRMA’s building The Knoll), and from the CCRMA network go to the CCRMA User Signup page: It’s a web form where a user can choose a CCRMA account name, securely enter the initial password, provide contact info, list the sponsor, and enter information from the Stanford ID card that allows CCRMA staff to activate it as a building keycard. Note: the above URL is not accessible outside CCRMA.

The sponsor can then go to to approve pending user signups. (The sponsor receives an email each morning with the list of signups needing to be approved, but the sponsor can approve immediately, without waiting for the mail.) Note: the above URL is not accessible outside CCRMA.

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