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Monitor Level Calibration

It goes without saying that the volume should be equalized among the multiple speakers of a multichannel setup.

The monitoring level is calibrated. With a standard signal and standard routing and levels you should get about the same SPL readings on all studios. For details on how and why to do this see this very good article:

Settings used for calibration as follows:

With those settings we calibrated the SPL level at the center of the room (C curve, slow setting) to about 78dB. As we have set the channel fader to -5dB this is almost a SMPTE20 calibration. Please do NOT change the volume at the speaker, adjust SPL levels in your mix or in the DM1000 digital mixer.

Calibration dates

Studio D: September 12, 2019

Studio E: March 24 2016 (but we replaced the speakers since then!)

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