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CCRMA COVID policies 2022

Version 9/28/22


The purpose of these requirements is to ensure, to the best of our knowledge and ability, the safety and health of the individuals using facilities within the Stanford Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA, located within the Knoll building). CCRMA’s policy is strictly in line with all current Stanford COVID policies.

Reminders of Some Important Stanford-wide COVID policies

Building Access

Building access is strictly for CCRMA business, including (and not limited to): research, class attendance, performance, rehearsal, studying, etc. and only for people who abide by all current COVID safety policies. All students taking classes at the Knoll and active CCRMA graduate students, faculty, and staff should have keycard access to the Knoll, and are permitted to use the facilities as needed 24/7.

Current CCRMA keyholders are also permitted to host Stanford-affiliated guests (i.e., anyone with a Stanford ID card that does not unlock The Knoll) to participate in CCRMA business, for example, as research subjects, musical collaborators, etc., under the following condition:

CCRMA keyholders can also host non-Stanford-affiliated guests under Stanford’s COVID Visitor policies under two conditions: 1) the visit is pre-approved by a CCRMA faculty or staff member, 2) the visitor is continuously supervised (as above).


Alone in a Closed Room

Some of CCRMA’s rooms have operable doors and a reasonable expectation that nobody else will enter (especially if you use the ON AIR lights):

Being alone (or only with fellow members of your household/family/“pod”) in one of these closed rooms is the only COVID-safe way to work unmasked inside The Knoll. Afterwards its best to leave 15 minutes buffer time before the next person uses the room.


CCRMA Management

Music Department Chair: Stephen Hinton
Music Department DFO: Mario Champagne
CCRMA Director: Chris Chafe
CCRMA Administrator & Knoll Building Manager: Nette Worthey
CCRMA Technical Director: Matt Wright

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